“Hi I’m Melek and I’m 11 years old and I live in Bangor which is in North Wales. When we were all in year 3 we had try outs of lots of different instruments and we were asked which instrument we wanted to play. I really wanted to play the tuba so I got straight in line but as it turns out I was the only one who went to the tuba line so I was the first official tuba player in Codi’r To. Now there are others but I was the first.

In the programme we meet twice a week and we do singing, samba and instrument lessons. We had our third birthday celebrations not long ago and we performed in this special town called Pontio. When you’re in Codi’r To it makes you feel more comfortable playing your instrument, I know there are other places you can play, but in Codi’r To if you do a mistake then they celebrate that mistake because you are always learning something new. I like how everyone gets to do what they want to do and I also have lots of friends there.

The thing I love most about the tuba is that it’s just a cool instrument. When you play it’s really strong and not bumpy like all the other instruments. And it’s also one of the biggest instruments in the orchestra!”