What do you teach?
I wear lots of “hats” as a teacher with In Harmony. I teach Percussion and Musicianship to a range of students… newborns, tots, children, teenagers and sometimes even grown-ups.

What is your background as a musician and as a teacher?
I found music by accident. I was initially a double bass player (I took up lessons just to get out of PE!). But after watching the contagious excitement from back of the orchestra, I was enticed to go into the world of percussion. Music teaching found me by accident too. I have always wanted to be a teacher… I’m told by my mum that I was playing classrooms with my dolls since I was a little girl. I started teaching instrumental 1:1 lessons in my teens. It has developed, through In Harmony, to teaching in classrooms, which is brilliant because it allows me to teach the essence of music to more children at the same time.

What is Sistema to you?
Sistema is a brilliant way to teach a whole generation and the wider community how wonderful music feels through love, belief, determination and practice. Music can communicate a thousand words in just one simple song or a piece. It can emote feelings that have no names, give hope and courage, whilst giving the experience of love and joy. Music connects all without boundaries. And the best bit is that music lets us have lots of fun.

If you had a chance to teach only one thing to a child, what would it be?
Music is an enjoyable journey… just like life!

What’s the most important thing you have learnt from your students?
How to laugh, sing and dance without being self-conscious… and to always try my best. They are my teachers in how to be free with imagination and expression.