Spotlighting strong practices

Sistema England’s Youth Music Spotlighting project brought together music teachers from Sistema programmes in England to learn and share effective practices with each other and subsequently with the wider music education workforce.

Resources for teachers

Here are some tools for music educators developing reflective practice.  If you have any resources or ideas you feel would be valuable for others, please do comment below.

Project Resources

Sharing tips and tools coverSharing tips and tools from Sistema-inspired programmes in England
: A downloadable document with ideas for furthering effective music delivery for children and young people, focusing on Social Pedagogy, Differentiation and Repertoire.

The Reflective Teacher: A Presentation of research undertaken by Richard Hallam MBE, Chair of Music Education Council (MEC) and Trustee of Sistema England.  This research explores how our values and ethos impact on the ways teachers engage with children and young people, and involved 22 teachers from Sistema-inspired programmes and 17 teachers from Music Services.

The Reflective Teacher – Research Findings:  A summary explanation and by Richard Hallam on the research, and key findings.

Other Links and Resources

How to Spot Musical Potential by Awards for Young Musicians, funded by Youth Music

The Musical Progressions Roundtable:  A network of organisations and individuals involved in music education from across the UK, looking at how, together, we can most effectively support all children and young people’s musical progression, enabling them to fulfill their potential.

Music Education Council (MEC) Why Music campaign