This week our mantra is – ‘Making music so powerful, it influences change.’

Kieran (trumpet), Eric (bassoon) and David (double bass) have been chatting with us during our afternoon of games about what this means to them.

How do we produce powerful Music?

Kieran: ‘Practising hard and making everyone else…. I don’t know how to put it…’

Eric: ‘…Like work together and have a good structure in the music and encourage others to play – don’t become shy’

David: ‘Listen to others, help each other and also have a good time’

 What have we learnt about power this week?

Kieran: ‘That power comes in different shapes and sizes. For example, listening to the conductor or listening to others around you. Working together as a team to get through the  obstacles in the pieces.’

David: ‘We have learnt that power can help you in many different ways – listening and getting over hard times’

In what ways can we use our power to influence power?

Kieran: ‘Teaching younger kids who don’t have much experience or helping yourself or other students’

David: ‘Help each other in your music – or in any problems we may have’