How can we create music so powerful it influences change??

Our Golden Thread for this year's Young Leaders Camp is 'Music so Powerful it Influences Change' We've been exploring this idea in a myriad of different ways throughout the camp; by supporting leadership in our music sectionals, analysing video clips of both ourselves and others, by discussing what a powerful performance might look like and exploring how we can harness our

Day 3 of Young Leaders Camp – Power [with Kieran, Eric and David]

This week our mantra is – ‘Making music so powerful, it influences change.’ Kieran (trumpet), Eric (bassoon) and David (double bass) have been chatting with us during our afternoon of games about what this means to them. How do we produce powerful Music? Kieran: 'Practising hard and making everyone else.... I don't know how to put it...' Eric: '...Like work

Melek joins us from our Welsh programme Codi’r To which translates as Raise the Roof. This is her first Sistema England Young Leaders Camp and we caught up with her on Thursday to find out more about her tuba playing back home in North Wales. Diolch yn fawr i Melek am siarad a ni!

  "Hi I’m Melek and I’m 11 years old and I live in Bangor which is in North Wales. When we were all in year 3 we had try outs of lots of different instruments and we were asked which instrument we wanted to play. I really wanted to play the tuba so I got

Day 1 of Young Leaders Camp – Making [with Jess, Elhana, Courtney and Kayleigh]

This week our mantra is - 'Making music so powerful, it influences change.' Each day we will be picking apart the elements of the sentence and truly exploring what this means! Jess, [Cello], Elhana, [Viola], Kayleigh [Cello] and Courtney [Violin] from Norwich Sistema have been chatting with Kaisle during their lunch break, and also have taken some funny pictures

Coming Up: Sistema England Young Leaders Orchestra Camp 2017

“The energy and the vibe that we get off each other during the camp just energises us and motivates us to keep going, no matter what the challenges are. That’s what’s great about Sistema England.” Simi, Cellist, In Harmony Lambeth, Sistema England Young Leader We are delighted to announce that the Sistema England Young Leaders

Young Leaders Camp 2016: A victory of kinship and courage

‘The summer camp was an amazing experience for all our new and current Young Leaders. Throughout the week the kids were able to go beyond the normal expectations of them.’ Teacher For a week in August 2016 at Shrewsbury School, 60 young musicians, 30 staff and 7 mentors gathered to take the Sistema England Young Leaders

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