This week our mantra is – ‘Making music so powerful, it influences change.’

Yabsirra [double bass], Lily [oboe] and Miecha [violin] from the Nucleo project have been chatting with us during their lunch break about what this means to them.

What can we say with our music?

Lily: You can express your feelings, emotions and thoughts!

Yabsirra: That we can all unite with each other, connect with each other and what it makes becomes something really beautiful!

What have we learned so far?

Miecha: I’ve learnt a new bowing technique and I’ve also learned how to play my pieces with power and passion.

Lily: I usually do classical orchestral stuff, but now I get to dance and have fun with my friends. I’ve learned that everyone has their own technique and style and I’ve learned from the people around me!

Yabsirra: I’ve learned that you can always be happy whilst making music. I’ve also learned that music is a type of art!

How does making music make you feel?

Lily: Making music feels incredible. I feel happy when I’m making music. I don’t ever feel bad because it always uplifts my mood!

Yabsirra: I feel proud of myself. Being able to achieve the glory of playing a piece after working hard to it right!

Mischa: I feel extremely proud and happy because when you’ve just been asked to play in an orchestra like Sistema, you feel excited to meet new people and show what you know. I feel that I have the courage to move further in life with my violin!