This week our mantra is – ‘Making music so powerful, it influences change.’

Each day we will be picking apart the elements of the sentence and truly exploring what this means! Jess, [Cello], Elhana, [Viola], Kayleigh [Cello] and Courtney [Violin] from Norwich Sistema have been chatting with Kaisle during their lunch break, and also have taken some funny pictures together. Looks like they are really enjoying the Young Leaders camp!


Today is Monday and we are exploring the word ‘MAKING’.

How is music made?

‘Music is made with passion from the person. Music is not just made from the instrument, but from the person.’

‘By getting people together, we can make music.’

‘Its really great to make music as a group but if you put effort in, as a soloist it can work’

‘If you have the passion you will make amazing music!’

‘Music is made from the heart!


What music are we making as a group?

‘Lots!’ [Group laughs!]

‘We are working together and this way we get to see how the instruments fit as a group’.

‘It’s nice because all the parts are entwined + it works well together’

‘ We are playing Juba Dance by Florence Price, and its fun! ’


How can making music be powerful?

‘By doing your best in the group and working together!’

‘By putting all your effort and feelings in.’

‘If the music we make is really influential, it will be powerful!’


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