Teachers from Sistema in Norwich and the In Harmony programmes in Lambeth, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Nottingham and Telford will meet at Sage Gateshead on 27 May to discuss best practices, as part of a Youth Music funded project led by Sistema England.

‘This day is for teachers to share practical tips and ideas with each another, to help them continue to ensure fantastic learning for all young musicians and their communities,’ said Fiona Cunningham, CEO of Sistema England.

Over the past months, teachers have been visiting each participating programme, to identify best practices around three areas: social pedagogy, differentiation and repertoire. Best practices are being documentes, so they can be shared with other social and music programmes.

The activities at Sage Gateshead will include a panel discussion with conductor Félix Briceño and violinist Ron Alvarez, two teachers from Venezuela’s El Sistema, which have been working with programmes in London, Liverpool and Norwich over the past four weeks.