‘An orchestra is one family, one person almost, with all these different sections – the brain, the lungs, the skin, that brings a human together – that’s the orchestra.’ Daniel, The Nucleo Project, Young Leader

60 young musicians from Sistema programmes in Liverpool, London, Newcastle, Norwich and Telford will gather in August 2016 at Shrewsbury School for the Sistema England Young Leaders orchestra residency.

The orchestra has almost doubled in size since October 2015, when the programme was launched with 35 of the most skilled and committed young musicians from In Harmony Lambeth, In Harmony Liverpool, Sistema in Norwich and The Nucleo Project. The ensemble now includes woodwind and brass sections and welcomes new players from In Harmony Newcastle and In Harmony Telford.

The week-long residency will be led by returning Venezuelan Music Director Felix Briceño and outstanding musicians from the Chineke! orchestra.

The Sistema England Young Leaders programme seeks to demonstrate what young people can achieve with inspiring teaching and belief in their potential. According to existing members, the orchestra is helping them persevere and overcome doubt, encourage others, become more expressive and build confidence.

‘I want to create an orchestra that’s full of young like-minded people who are passionate about music and enjoy creating it together as one big family… and it can be our escape, and hopefully make other people as happy as we are.’ Victoria, Sistema in Norwich, Young Leader

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