Sistema England Young Leaders

The Sistema England Young Leaders are the most skilled and committed young musicians from In Harmony Lambeth, In Harmony Liverpool, In Harmony Newcastle, In Harmony Telford, Sistema in Norwich and The Nucleo Project, coming together to create a vibrant nationwide orchestra while developing leadership and life skills.

‘An orchestra is one family, one person almost, with all these different sections – the brain, the lungs, the skin, that brings a human together – that’s the orchestra.’ Daniel, Young Leader

The orchestra, according to its members, is helping them persevere, overcome doubt, help others, develop confidence and celebrate difference.

October 2015
35 Young Leaders from London, Liverpool and Norwich launch the Young Leaders programme, spending an immersive 5 days in October 2015 in Norfolk of music with top teachers and mentors from the UK, Venezuela and Portugal.

January 2016
46 Young Leaders are invited by the Southbank Centre to perform during the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra residency. They pledge to exercise leadership on their programmes, and are paid a visit by Daniel Barenboim and Gustavo Dudamel.

July 2016
The first meeting of the 8 Young Leader Reps, elected by their peers, takes place to help plan the next Young Leaders Camp.  They discuss ideas about how to welcome new members and the ethos of the camp.

August 2016
60 Young Leaders, including wind and brass sections, attend the Young Leaders Camp, welcoming musicians from In Harmony Newcastle and In Harmony Telford and performing to Roderick Williams, Nicola Benedetti and the Malinslee community.


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